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I’m passionate about building trust-based relationships and helping Property Managers and Condominiums find ways to reduce the cost of their commercial property & casualty insurance.

As the founder of COA Solutions of Florida, I specialize in advising Property Managers and Condominium Boards on how they can proactively take measures to ensure they are paying the lowest possible cost for their Commercial Property Insurance.

Last minute renewal quotes, poor planning, missing documentation, mistakes in submissions, all lead to higher premiums.

And the truth is…you don’t need to sign an Agent of Record letter or anything else for that matter, to have a trustworthy professional review your communities’ policies to see if they have the best possible coverage at the lowest possible cost.

COA Solutions of Florida helps our clients by:

• Anticipating – We don’t just write policies. We advise our clients on issues they need to be aware of months and even years in advance, which helps them managed both their long term and short-term budgets.
• Proactive – We won’t wait until the last minute to shop for our client’s policy renewal. We start months in advance looking for alternative options to save our clients’ money.
• Detail Oriented – By identifying and correcting mistakes from prior agents, we have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.
• Service – We pick up your calls and reply to your emails. You will never have to chase us down to get answers, and there is never a fee for certificates, or to help our clients get financing.
• We Show Up – We are there in person at community meetings to speak to our communities about policy premiums, the state of the market, and how we are working with them to save them money.
• LCAM Support – We offer an industry first, LCAM support service that is 100% free of charge to our communities and the managers that support them.

I want to show you how we do this and how you can leverage our experience and resources to help you save time and aggravation, and your community to save money on their commercial property insurance.

Let’s book a call and let me walk you through our process to show you why so many CAMs and Condo Boards choose to work with the professionals at COA Solutions of Florida.

Call me on my personal mobile phone at 646-373-2959 or Email me at

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