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About Us/Our Mission

To provide a space where community association administrators in Florida can connect with vendors.

Search: Our directory lists vendors that offer services relevant to community associations. Users can easily find a wide range of businesses and services in one convenient place, saving time and effort.

Vendor Profiles: Vendors display contact information including details of the services provided, products, areas served, bios, history of past projects, operating hours, deals, discounts, or promotions offered. Discovering local businesses becomes effortless, fostering a sense of community support and connection, helping to make informed decisions.

Reviews and Ratings: Users can post and read reviews about vendors they’ve worked with. We encourage a space where community members can discuss their experiences, ask for recommendations, and share insights related to vendors and services, helping users choose businesses that align with their needs and preferences.

Vendor Verification: We give vendors the option to demonstrate that they are an established business by allowing them to upload to our directory, copies of trade license(s) and sample insurance certificate(s). However, as we are not a business credentialing service, we do not ensure or guarantee in any way shape or form, vendors’ compliance with State and/or other regulatory licensure laws, or compliance with insurance coverage. It is the sole responsibility of the user to check vendor’s trade licenses, references, insurance coverage(s), and ultimately validate the suitability of vendors for their own use. We make no representations.

Forums: Association administrators can access online discussion boards throughout the state of Florida to request recommendations, share best practices, experiences, and discuss topics of mutual interest.